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Therapeutic Games to Reduce Anxiety in Children

Therapeutic games have become a valuable tool to help reduce anxiety in children. Nowadays there is a good amount of specialized material on the market to address this issue, which is becoming more and more common among children.

“Anxiety is a basic emotion that all human beings experience. It usually appears as a normal response to a danger or threat. " In children, feelings of anxiety often appear even from an early age; and one of the ways to identify them is through observing their behavior.

If you notice that your child becomes restless when you are separated from him when leaving him at school, or when he passes from one class to another, he worries about situations that have not happened, or he fears that something will go wrong; it is a clear sign that you are suffering from anxiety.

In general, any situation that causes uncertainty in children can cause anxiety in them; However, among the most relevant causes, we can mention those events related to personal or family well-being (safety, health, economy), which can affect them from childhood to adolescence.

Faced with this situation, many specialists in the area of ​​education and psychology have dedicated themselves to creating strategies to help reduce the state of anxiety in children. This has encouraged pioneering companies in these areas to design therapeutic games to contribute to the psycho-emotional development of children, addressing, among other situations, anxiety.


This new game is designed to develop skills related to the Mindfulness concept (mind, mindfulness). Acquiring Mindfulness skills will help children calm down, reduce stress and anxiety; in addition to developing better emotional management.

It is recommended for children from 5 years of age. Contains   66 cards + 1 instructive + 1 block with 100 mandalas to paint.

Antistress Bingo

This game is designed to address and treat childhood anxiety, tension, and stress. Allowing to identify the factors that generate this emotional state; facilitating communication and openness of the child, and in turn providing practical tools to reduce it.

The game is useful for all types of children, not only for those who have a stress problem, since it is an instrument of communication, trust and entertainment that facilitates the communication process in general.

It is recommended for children from 5 years of age. It contains 6 bingo cards + 80 cards + 4 jokers.

Mindful Kids

This allows you to experiment with different techniques that will benefit the mental and physical health of children, in 4 main themes: conscious breathing , muscle relaxation , yoga and meditation .

It consists of a giant spinning top with removable disks and 36 Activities of  mindfulness  set in nature, culture, animals, habits and everyday situations. It is recommended for children aged 2 to 7 years. With extra digital content.

Here is this video with the explanation of the Midfulness concept explained by a child!