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Having a team that encompasses all forms of diversity is the best solution.  In this way, one is openly stating without saying that they embrace the world far and wide and accept all people and their opinions, on all scales, which in turn promotes their company.  By allowing people with many different backgrounds on the team, everyone there is then embracing acceptance.  

This, in turn, allows room for new ideas and hidden strengths to grow.  That’s because every person’s ideas, musings, and challenges are accepted as equal thus allowing a larger market to form and grow amongst the global economy.  In this way, the diversity consciousness can grow without hindrance so that the benefits may be reaped accordingly.  This is an ongoing process that allows the cultural intelligence of everyone at the company to grow so that they will better understanding each other and their clients.

To further support the evidence that diversity in the workplace is a beneficiary part of success for any company, The Magazine performed a study in December of 2013  involving 1,800 professionals and 40 case studies.  In this study, it is reported that the “employees at these companies are 45% likelier to report that their firm’s market share grew over the previous year and 70% likelier to report that the firm captured a new market” contributing to their success (How Diversity Can Drive Innovation).  

This means that, with diversity in leadership at a company, there is a 70% higher chance to successfully penetrate a new market than there is with a non-diverse company.  These results are accurate because having a more ethnic, cultural, and gender diverse team opens people up to new perspectives, regions, and cultures –many of which the clients practice.  So having people in a company that already understand the cultural barriers that will be encountered makes it that much easier to enter business with the end client –even if they cannot communicate with the person because of situations such as language barriers.

Cross-cultural communications bring about many barriers that challenge leaders to articulate their skills into strategies abridging two different cultures.  What may seem kind or thoughtful to another person of the same culture may be found as rude or insulting in another part of the world.  This is extremely important in the global marketplace today as to develop encounters that do not leave a bad impression in the foreign market.

To communicate efficiently across cultures, one must have a certain understanding of cultural intelligence–mannerisms and practices that are unique to a specific culture–as to keep the encounter civilized.  The problem today is that there is such a diverse field of cultures entering the global market, that it is difficult to pinpoint what is seen as rude or kind unless someone in a diverse company understands the culture.  Pointing a finger may end all further discussions within a room of highly delegated officials if it is seen as rude.  Whereas, in another part of the world, this action may be seen as completely acceptable.  


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Fantastic Toys Welcome

Hello there and welcome to Handcrafted Fantastic Toys, the home

and designer of fantastically crafted toys for girls and boys.

Here we will put on a show and make it glow. Watch each toy

is it begins to grow. Or move it’s hands to be the puppet master

you know.

Handcrafted Toys can be fantastic for their novelty and long lasting uniqueness. You will find that each toy comes to life in it’s own way and each has it’s own personality in a sense.

When you own a handcrafted toy, the most cherished thing is to know that it is really unique and one of a kind. You can be sure that there is no other toy that will ever be exactly what it is, because it was built by hands.

Each toy is built with a specific character that shapes is personality and that makes it all the more fun.

With this old-school method of building toys, there really aren’t many people who make them anymore making them that much more of a collectors item.

For now I will leave you with this beautiful picture of two toys. Soon we hope to have a gallery where you can view a wide variety of classic, handcrafted fantastic toys.

fantastic toys 2fantastic_toys_1

When is the last time you have seen a handcrafted toy made from wood that looks like this? It really is a very interesting sight.

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